The F-22 is leading U.S. Air Force transformation efforts. Its ability to penetrate anti-access airspace, while finding, tracking and targeting enemy air and ground-based threats will ensure freedom to maneuver and freedom from attack for all joint forces.

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The Raptor’s unique combination of advanced stealth, supercruise, advanced maneuverability and integrated avionics will allow it to “kick down the door,” and then follow up with 24-hour stealth operations and freedom of movement for all follow-on forces – fully leveraging the Raptor’s technological advantages.

Two F119 engines, the world’s most advanced combat aircraft engines, power the F-22. These engines, with their unique thrust-vectoring nozzle and integrated stealth characteristics, give the F-22 the capability to supercruise, or achieve Mach 1.5+ speeds, without the use of afterburners.

The F-22’s all-aspect stealth and high speed/high altitude capability gives U.S. forces and allies an advantage that will endure well into the future. By incorporating revolutionary advances in technology, the F-22 is ready to dominate any and all adversaries from the outset of any conflict. This capability provides a critical edge to joint force commanders and acts as an effective deterrent to future adversaries.

Air Dominance

The F-22 is an entirely new way of thinking about fighter capabilities. This 5th generation fighter represents a leap in warfighting capabilities for the U.S. Air Force and coalition forces.

  • Advanced stealth – enables 24/7 operations while remaining virtually undetected by enemy forces
  • Supercruise speeds greater than Mach 1.5 without afterburners – enhance survivability/lethality
  • Extreme fighter agility – allows outmaneuvering through acceleration and razor-sharp turns
  • Information fusion – generates 360-degree battlespace awareness for pilot
  • Joint force enabler – assures future air dominance for joint and coalition forces