Consignment Agreement

This CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT is entered into on the effective date of submission, between the seller as identified in the information below, (hereafter known as Seller) who warrants seller is of the age and competency to enter into this contract, and EHE Auctions Inc., a Delaware Corporation, (hereafter called EHE Auctions). The agreement is for the sale of equipment through EHE’s website via the Proxibid platform. This agreement incorporates Seller’s Terms and conditions listed below and at

EHE Auctions: EHE Auctions hereby agrees to use professional skill, knowledge and expertise to the best advantage of both parties in preparing for and conducting the sale.

Seller: the seller hereby agrees to turn over the items listed below upon sale of the item. Seller agrees that no item will be sold or withdrawn from the sale except by mutual agreement between the EHE Auctions and seller. If any item has been advertised, there will be not withdrawals.

The auction is to be held at EHE Auctions website via the Proxibid platform on the day of , and in case of postponement due to unforeseen circumstances, said auction will take place at a later date agreeable to both parties and seller agrees to be responsible for any expenses due to postponement. It is mutually agreed that all equipment shall be sold to the highest bidder, with the exception of any equipment specified in writing to have a reserve. It is further mutually agreed that EHE Auctions will deduct all expenses agreed upon above and satisfy any encumbrances from the gross proceeds resulting from the sale. The auctioneer and the seller mutually agree that the net proceeds from the sale will be remitted to the seller 10 days from receipt of funds from buyer.

Seller Information
Business Name
Authroized Representative

Seller agrees to hold harmless EHE Auctions against any claims of the nature referred to in this contract and agrees to pay IRONcheck fee and WeGoLook fee. These fees are captured by EHE Auctions, but are paid directly to National Equipment Registry and WeGoLook, respectively. Seller can forego the WeGoLook if they provide the exact photos and video we require for consignment.

Equipment As per the seller terms and conditions, Seller authorizes EHE to sell the equipment identified on Attachment A. The fees listed below will be deducted from the sales proceeds. In case of a no-sale on any or all equipment, the seller agrees to pay for the fees outlined below for products/services rendered.
IRONcheck Fee Title Transfer Fees $35 per titled unit
WeGoLook Fee    
Title Equipment

Seller hereby appoints EHE Auctions with the authority to execute on Sellers's behalf, all documents necessary and required to transfer title to, and permit registration of ownership of, any portion of the equipment to the Buyer. Failure to provide title(s) as required will prevent the equipment being made available for an Auction.

Payment to Seller Information

Wiring is preferred. If wire transfer information is not provided, a check will be issued to the above Seller’s address via U.S. first class mail. Funds are paid in US currency.

Sellers Name on Account
Bank Name
Address on Account
ABA Routing #
Swift Code (if necessary)
Bank Account #
Liens Encumbrances
Seller agrees to disclose and provide the following information in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. EHE agrees to disburse the pay offs on any and all equipment listed in this agreement on behalf of the Seller.
Name of Lien Holder Account No. Contact Person Phone/Fax/Email Payoff Amount
The terms and conditions of this consignment agreement, the Proxibid site terms, and the EHE site terms shall supersede and take precedence over the terms in any seller purchase order or other ordering document. By submitting and/or signing this agreement with EHE, the Seller accepts these terms and conditions outlined here and on the Proxibid site terms and agrees to an Exclusive Consignment of all the equipment identified in Attachment A.
Attachment A Equipment
No. Year Make Model Serial# Hours/Miles Liens (Y/N) Features/Equipment Detail
Equipment Location And Buyer Pickup
Equipment Location And Buyer Pickup
Business Name of Equipment Location Pickup Hours
Address Ramps at Location? (Y/N) Max Wgt Capacity
Loading Dock at Location (Y/N) Max Wgt Capacity Will Seller Load?
Fork Lift Available for use at Location (Y/N) Max Wgt Capacity Special Instructions/Limitations; Other Loading Facilities

The terms and conditions of this listing agreement, the site terms, and the seller terms shall supersede and take precedence over the terms in any seller purchase order or other ordering document. The Auction Co. and the seller mutually agree that EHE Auctions, Inc. will charge all buyers who purchase equipment at the auction an 8% buyer’s premium, which will be charged only to the buyer(s).

EHE Auctions warrants the Auctioneer, Lisa Huerta, is licensed by the State of Texas and if there are any unresolved complaints against this auctioneer, complaints may be directed to: Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulation, PO Box 12157, Austin, TX 78711, 512-463-6599.