How to Buy

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    Do I have to bid from my computer?

    No you do not. You can complete and fax the Proxy Bid Form found by clicking this link (PROXY BID FORM).

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    Do I have to be a dealer to attend your auction?

    No. Anyone may bid and buy.

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    Do you offer pre-registration?

    You can register through our website, connecting to Proxibid, our Internet bidding provider.

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    Where is the auction?

    The auction is held online. You bid from your computer on equipment being sold all over the country. Please make special note of the location. If you need assistance in arranging transportation, please contact us.

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    Can I inspect the equipment myself?

    Because the equipment is all over the United States, it is very difficult to arrange an in-person inspection. However, to build Buyer Confidence, EHE Auctions has partnered with WeGoLook to offer a complete set of photos and video that reflect the condition of the machine.

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    Are there buyer’s fees?

    Transaction Fees
    For each item won in an EHE Auctions, the Buyer must pay a transaction fee, click here to view the fee schedule.

    Default Fee Penalty
    If the winning bidder fails to complete the transaction for any reason, they must pay a "Default Fee Penalty" based on the final selling price of the item less Buyer's transaction fee. The default penalty ranges are described in the chart below.

    •  If a bidder defaults on multiple items in the same auction the final selling prices of the defaulted equipment will be added together to determine the applicable default fees.

    •  Unless and until all default fee penalties are paid in full a customer will be prohibited from bidding in our auctions. EHE Auctions unilaterally reserves the right to prohibit participation on our site at anytime.

    Storage Fees
    Buyers shall remove the equipment from Seller's premises no later than eight (8) business days after the Auction closes, after which Buyers may be responsible for payment of Storage Fees, and in some cases payment of cost to transport equipment to an alternate location. If a Buyer has not removed the equipment from the Seller's location within eight (8) business days after the close of the Auction for the piece of Equipment, the Buyer will be responsible for directly paying the Seller any and all storage fees if levied by the Seller. If levied by the Seller, standard storage fees will be $25 per day, beginning on the 9th day after the close of the Auction for the piece of equipment.

    Sales Tax
    6.25% Sales Tax applied to invoice total, including the Internet Premium unless you provide a Sale Tax Exemption form

How to Sell/Consign

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    How do I consign to my equipment?

    In order to consign your equipment to an auction you will need to first complete the consignment agreement by clicking this link, Consignment Agreement.

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    When do I receive my payment if I consign to this auction?

    10 business days after the auction ends, your proceeds will be sent via a wire transfer or a certified cashiers check.

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    Are there Seller’s Fees

    There is no sales commission that is deducted from the sale price. Once your item sells, we will deduct the fees for the IRONcheck report and the photos/video from WeGoLook.


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    When is payment due?

    Complete payment including fees and taxes is due by 5:00 pm CST on the second business day after the sale day.

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    What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept wire transfers.

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    Can I leave a deposit and then come back with the remaining balance later?

    No. We require complete payment including fees and taxes is due by 5:00 pm CST on the second business day after the sale day.

Sales Tax

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    Do you charge sales tax?

    Yes, in most states we are required by law to collect sales tax.

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    If I am tax exempt do I need to provide proof?

    Yes, if you are tax exempt you will need to bring your state issued tax certificate.

Titles/Temporary Tags

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    If I purchase a vehicle how do I get my title?

    In most cases once complete payment is made, the title is on-site, is executed, and given to you to take to your DMV to register.

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    What if I do not know what name I want on my title, can I have it blank?

    Every title that leaves our office will be completed in its entirety—no blank titles will be delivered to anyone. You have 3 business days after the sale to decide the name on the title. However, if you do not put the title in your name, we will need a copy of the driver's license under whom the vehicle is titled. This is for legal purposes associated with the Terrorist Act.

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    Do you issue temporary tags?

    In most states you are required to get temporary tags at the DMV—currently, we only issue temporary tags in Texas.

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    If I send a hauler or truck driver to remove my items, what do they have to bring?

    Whomever you choose to transport your items, whether you or a driver, must have identification as well as a copy of your paid-in-full invoice. No items will be removed without this information.

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    If I have an accident while driving my purchased vehicle/equipment between the Seller and Buyer’s premises, who is liable for any damages that might be incurred?

    Buyers are responsible for all liability after driving or directly removing vehicles and trailers from Seller's premises.

Mailing List

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    How do I get on your mailing or email list for future auctions?

    When you register on-site at our auctions you are automatically placed on our mailing list. Upon registration you can also give us your email address if you wish to receive our emails. You can also register on our website:


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    Where can I find out what is being sold?

    We update our online inventory frequently. So ensure to check 2 – 3 days prior to the sale for a complete catalog of the auction.

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    Will there be pictures?

    In most cases our online catalog will have a full set of photos and video available. However, if there is an immediate need you can ask that pictures be emailed to you.

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    How do I know what time an item is being sold?

    We sell in numerical order. Example—if you are interested in Lot #75, it should be up for sale approximately 75 – 85 minutes after the auction begins.