How to Sell

Sell Smart with EHE Auctions™


Here is list of the Advantages of selling through EHE Auctions

  • No Consignment Fees - Most auction companies charge an average of 3 - 18% of the sales price.
  • No Listing Fees - Unlike most auction companies that charge you listing fees, we DON'T collect any fees whether the machines sells or not.
  • No Transportation Fees - Unlike our competitors, you can save time and money because we auction the equipment at it's current location.
  • Global Audience of Qualified Buyers: Our partnership with Proxibid allows us to offer the largest possile base of global, qualified buyers, ensuring the highest return on your equipment.
  • No Negotiations: We field all inquiries on your equipment so you don't have too.

Here is the Process for Selling your Equipment:

  • Consign Equipment: Complete the online consignment agreement and press "online consignment agreement". It is that easy. Once we receive the agreement then a member of the customer support team will contact you for more details.
  • Photos and Video: If you don't want to be bothered with photos and/or video and at your request, we will contract WeGoLook to secure all the photos and/or video necessary to sell your machine.
  • Due Diligence: We secure an IRONcheck report that discloses the legitimacy of the machine along with a history of liens that have been filed. This gives the potential buyer confidence in the equipment.
  • Pre-Auction Marketing: During auction preview and before auction day, we market equipment to thousands of prospective buyers worldwide. We monitor bidder preview activity and continue with real-time marketing to get the best auction results possible.
  • Bidding: Bidding can be handled real-time on auction day or via our automated proxy bid function. Ultimately, the highest bidder wins the auction.
  • Receive Payment: EHE Auctions handles all the steps of the payment process. Buyers pay into a secure account that we manage. Once payment is confirmed, the seller releases the equipment to the buyer.

How Does EHE Auctions™ Compare to Other Auction Platforms?

The most recent 6 month data below is from Alexa Internet, Inc which is a subsidiary of Alexa provides unbiased 3rd party commercial website traffic data. You can see below how Proxibid ranks at the top versus the other leading platforms.  


EHE Auctions™ via the Proxibid platform is the MOST logical, RISK FREE solution for Sellers.