How to Buy

Buy Safe with EHE Auctions

Searching for Equipment is EASY!

Buyers can preview upcoming auctions and search equipment by categories.

Review the photos and/or video along with the IRONcheck report.

EHE Auctions has partnered with law enforcement to provide our customers with the added value of cross referencing each piece of equipment we sell against the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database. 

There are Two Ways to Bid:



1. Pre-Bidding is used in conjunction with a live auction and is very similar to placing a proxy bid. This is commonly used when the bidder cannot attend the live auction. The bidding closes prior to the actual start of the live auction. An auction representative will bid for the winning pre-bidders up to their winning bids.

2. Live Auction with Real-Time Internet Bidding Proxibid Live auctions with real-time bidding are conducted through Bidders may also place Max Bids before the selling of items and the Proxibid system will bid up to the maximum if necessary.


Once the auction is over, EHE handles all the steps of the payment process. Buyers pay into a secure account that we manage. Read more about payment and transportation.

Accept Delivery

Once payment into the secure account is confirmed by EHE, the seller releases the equipment to the buyer's transportation company.